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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot add videos from my iPad

        The videos you can add to the app are only those synchronized through the "Photos" tab from iTunes, if you have videos already stored on your iPad synchronized through the "Movies" tab, those will not be available to the app, you will have to synchronize them again, but through the "Photos" tab. If you have iPad 2, the videos taken with the camera are always available for this app.

There are some colors very similar

        You can change the colors by setting the RGB codes, these codes have been mainly configured as they appear on Wikipedia. Anyway, consider that even we (adults) have some trouble identifying some similar colors! and most important, remember that this software is mainly focused on learning to read.

Can children with different capacities use this learning software ?

        This software was indeed initially designed for them! We are parents of down syndrome children! after we realize that this is great for any kid! We do believe this is a very good way for any kid. We always say that children with normal capacities are going to learn to read any way!!! but children with different capacities run the great risk of not being able to learn to read if they are not taught the right way at the right time !!! 

Is there any prerequisite for my child learn to read this way ?

        There are no prerequisites for your children to start to learn with this software !!!! only that they are able to manage the touch screen, and if they are not, you can do it for them.