Usage recommendations

Add videos of your children's most beloved people, pets or things 

We recommend making videos of your children's most beloved people, pets or things. Don't hesitate about mixing real word videos with animations !!!  your children will love to see their most beloved people in iPad with Choco ! so you should do it. You don't have to make elaborated videos, remember, the main purpose of our software is to help your children learn to read. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to make the videos as fun as you can, and make the videos very short, videos between 3 and 6 seconds will be fine, we recommend to make videos with a maximum duration of 10 seconds, unless the video is very very funny.

Dedicate the iPad to your child

If your child's learning is your main concern, dedicate the iPad to this, do not put other content that is not for your child's learning. Activate the "restrictions" of your iPad and select only the applications you want to have available for your child. Disable the option for "delete applications", because the children learn quickly how to do this.

Delete the videos you added to the app from the iPad 

Once you add videos to the app, you should delete them from the iPad, so the child cannot find and play those videos out of the app.